Kenta Kondo is a fourth year Mechanical Engineering undergraduate student interested in combining two design school of thoughts: Industrial Design and Engineering. Both practices share a common goal: problem solving. However, the human-centered iterative design process is often overlooked in the systematic and empirical engineering design process, and vice versa. He aspires to bridge the gap between the two disciplines to provide solutions with form and function that coexist harmoniously.



He is currently completing his Sc.b. Mechanical Engineering degree at Brown University. He takes additional Industrial Design studio courses at the Rhode Island School of Design (yes, sleepless nights).


Kenta likes to...

introduce himself in third person

wear monochrome

longboard away from reality

cook time consuming meals

... instead of doing homework


The "logo" is actually not a logo but a kamon (family crescent).The Maruni Dakimyouga shows the two branches of a ginger plant.